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I Love You Bodhi ! – MENSWEAR DOG –

“Bodhi” is a….
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Bodhi, AKA “Menswear Dog,” originally started out as a Facebook joke. Yena Kim and David Fung, the creative vision behind the internet sensation, dressed up their Shiba Inu in David’s clothes and posted the photos to Facebook captioned Menswear Dog.

“We thought he would run away,” said Kim, “but he just sat there and posed for us!” The reaction from her friends was priceless, so the couple created a Tumblr and Instagram account to share more editorial shots of Menswear Dog.

With Kim’s background in fashion—she previously worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren—and Fung’s experience as a graphic designer, the two put their skills together. Kim takes the photos, Fung does the retouching, and they both share a hand in styling.

Now, with over 210 000 Instagram followers and a book titled Menswear Dog Presents The New Classics, Bodhi is anything but laughable.

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